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Find out below what people are saying about Dotz and how they truly are putting an end to cord chaos!

"Cord Organizers are the next best thing in cable management. Dotz help keep your wires and cables tidy and identifiable. They come in many different colors and they offer cord straps with labels and cord identifiers."
- TechJaws.Com, Click here to read more.

"Know exactly the cord you want to unplug when you're crouched under the desk by the surge protector..."
- HeraldNet.Com, Click here to read more.

"How many times have you crawled around on the floor attempting to identify the buh-ZILLION cords you have for all of your gadgets? Computer, Cell Phone, Modems, Cameras, etc. etc. Dotz Cord Identifiers come with 24 ready-to-go punch out icons and 12 do-it-yourself punch out icons that make it easy to get organized. We’ve already purchased a few packages, and LOVE them!"
- Boomer Grandparents, Click here to read more.

"Cool Cable Management Solutions."
- Mashable.Com, Click here to read more.

"The elements of the dotz cord management system are intuitive, reusable and easily customized to fit the consumer’s needs."
- PRWeb.Com, Click here to read more.

"Dotz do the impossible: Make cable organizing look hot" -, Click here to read more. "There are lots of cord winding solutions out there but Cordotz are kind of special."
- CrunchGear.Com, Click here to read more.

"If you’re an organization junkie like me, these are a must-have"
- Design Milk, Click here to read more.

"This is one of those products I'd initially dismiss as silly when I saw them in the store; later, dealing with the tangle of cables under my desk, I'd curse myself for not buying them."
-, Click here to read more.

" No matter how much you wrap something or tie it up, the inherent nature of the cable is to defy the attempt to impart organization on it. Enter Dotz Shop and their lineup of cable management solutions."
-, Click here to read more.

"Nothing ruins a nice and tidy space faster than a jumble of cords and cables running to and fro."
-, Click here to read more.

"Who's It For? Anyone who uses electronics and plugs them in. So, everyone."
- Gizmodo, Click here to read more.

"In all, you’ve got a bright, colorful, and potentially useful little collection of management tools."
-, Click here to read more.

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