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About Dotz Shop


DotzShop.Com is proud to carry the entire Dotz catalog and help you with all of your cord management and organizing needs!

Dotz cord identifiers simply take the guesswork out of what cord goes to which device…Never unplug the wrong cord again!  The possibilities of what you can do with the Dotz management system are limitless.  These identifiers can be used from anything from organizing keys, storage room bins, and of course all of your cords and electronics when setting up your home entertainment system or office.


Dotz CordIdentifiers are bright, colorful, and easy to snap onto cords and cables.  Simple as 1-2-3, CordIdentifiers are easily customized by punching-out the pre-printed or do-it-yourself icon inserts.  Perfect for identifying cords, cables or wires for computers, electronic devices and small electrical appliances in and around the home or office.

Dotz CordStraps are easy to use, fully adjustable and best of all, reusable! They are perfect for bundling and labeling multiple wires from entertainment centers, computers and charging cords for multiple electronic devices.  Cordstraps are perfect for containing jumbled messes of cords through-out your home, garage or office.  Simply choose between pre-printed letters or numbers, or do-it-yourself icons and wrap up the mess.

Dotz CordWraps are a fun and simple way to instantly organize cords and cables that get tangled or are just too long. For home, office on the go, simply open the wrap and wind the desired amount of cord around the easily accessible hooks then snap it shut!  Clip it in your favorite bag or stick it on a desk or counter to keep it stationary.

DotzShop.Com is a division of Sell Fuse, LLC and is operated out of Minneapolis, MN.  We are focused on bringing the Dotz product direct to you, the consumer with the best customer service and pace possible.  Feel free to get in touch with us regarding any of the Dotz product or the ordering process via our email form on the Contact Us page.

Thank you for your business and we look forward to fulfilling all of your cord management needs.


Mike Eull
DotzShop.Com Owner

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